Lincoln on a Rail


Song. Lincoln On A Rail.

Come all you fellows that love a joke,
And fun at each other love to poke,
Who never will refuse to smoke

Lets take him by the pantaloon,
And turn him up like an old gray coon,
And chuck him high like musharoon,

Now carry the joke on pretty far,
Just get a keg of nice black tar,
And dip him in ’til his flesh you mar,

’Till he sweats from every pore.

Now take him along all through the street,
Until a rousing goose you meet,
Strip off its feathers from head to feet,

Now take the feathers and dash them on
The varmints body from leg to arm.
That he may feel the awful harm,

Now wash him off with soap and sand,
And make of him a decent man,
And beg of him to understand,

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