The Leddy Macmeeken


The Leddy Macmeeken.

THE Leddy Macmeeken
Was touching twa score,
Her neibour Miss Witherspoon
Said she was more;
But its needless to spier,
If ye’re seekin’ the truth,
An auld maiden’s age
Frae an auld maiden’s mouth.

But forty or fifty,
Her leddyship fan’,
Tho’ walthy and furthy,
She wanted a man;
So the bauld Laird o’ Chang,
Tho’ sair sottert in sin,
And rough as March weather,
She set on to win.

She met him at preaehin’s,
She plied him at fairs,
Wi’ meek pious looks
And wi’ maidenly airs;
She trockt wi’ his man,
But Jock privily swore,
Nor leddy nor limmer
Should darken his door.

At last she bethought her
O’ Lucky Macteer,
Whaur the laird spent the feck
O’ his time and his gear;
And wi’ presents sae timely,
And fleechins sae fine,
She seasoned and sautit
The wife to her min’.

The laird quaffed his brandy
And tootit his yill,
As he’d aye dune before;
But ae night he fell ill,
Wi’ a head on the rive
And a coal in his craw—
The laird, sair forfoughen,
Maist slithert awa”.

Wae saeks for his lairdship,
The business was bad—
Nae doctor nor druggist
Was neer to be had;
But our brewster wife mindit,
While basting his brow,
Our Leddy Macmeeken
Was skeely, I trow.

The leddy was sent for,
The laird soon gat ease;
Sae weel kenned the leddy
Whaur lay the disease.
Wi’ kind, gentle treatment
And womanly airt,
She lowsed his disease,
While she tethered his heart.

The laird saw his errors,
And started anew;
Nae mair is the croak
In his craw or his brow.
Ae bright summer morning
The bridal bells rang—
The Leddy Macmeeken
Is Leddy o’Chang.
Louisville, Kentucky, Aug. 1870.

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    Still Image
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  • Creator
    Ainslie, Hew, 1792-1878
  • Illustrated
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    27 cm x 10.5 cm
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