Long Tail Blue


Long Tail Blue

I’ve just dropt in to see you all,
And ax you how you do?
I’ll sing you a song, it’s not very long,
It’s about my long tail blue.

Some niggers they have but one coat,
But I you see got two,
I wears a jacket all the week.
And Sundays my long tail blue,

I stopped some time at Virginia springs,
And at Baltimore City too,
But I guess I made the niggers squat,
When they saw my long tail blue.

Jim Crow was courting a brown gal,
And the white folks called her Sue,
But I guess she let the nigger drop,
When she saw my long tail blue.

Jim Crow got mad and swore he’d fight,
With sword and pistol too,
But I guess I backed the nigger out,
When he saw my long tail blue.

I went to the City of Washington,
To see what I could do,
I stopped at one of Jackson’s levee’s
And swung my long tail blue,

Old Jackson he came up to me,
Said he, sir, how do you do,
He treated me to some Champaign,
For to swing my long tail blue.

I thought it then time to be off,
Pray stop a day or two,
So he offered me a handsome price,
For a pattern of my long tail blue.

So coming off soon after that,
A thinking about my Sue,
Major Downing followed me straight out,
For to speak with the long tail blue.

The General’s dander’s up I hear,
Come I will go with you,
And like all natur stop his wrath,
When I show your long tail blue.

The Cabinet cried out in great grief,
Oh! Lord what shall we do,
This fellow beats the Major’s axe,
With his swinging long tail blue.

Now all you chaps that wants a wife,
And don’t know what to do,
Just look at me and I’ll show you how,
For to swing your long tail blue,

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    Still Image
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  • Creator
    Nathans, T. B.
  • Illustrated
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    30.5 cm x 24 cm
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