Low Back'd Car


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Low Back’d Car.

When first I saw sweet Peggy;
‘Twas on a Market Day,
A low Back’d Car she drove and sat,
Upon a tuft of hay,
But when that hay was blooming grass,
And decked with flowers of Spring,
No flowers were there, that could compare
With the lovely girl I sing.

In battles wild commotion,
The proud and mighty Mars,
With hostile scythes, demands his tythes,
Of death in warlike scars,
But Peggy, peaceful goddess,
Has darts in her bright eye
That knocks men down, in the Market Town,
As right and left they fly;

Sweet Peggy round her Car, sir’s,
Has strings of ducks and geese,
But the scores of hearts she slaughters,
By far out number these;
While she among her poultry sits,
Just like a turtle dove,
Well worth a cage, I do engage,
With the blooming god of love.

I’d rather own that Car, sir’s,
With Peggy by my side,
Than a coach and four, and gold galore,
With a lady for my bride.
For the lady would sit forninst me,
On a cushion made with taste,
While Peggy would sit beside me,
With my arm around her waist.
As we rode in that Low Back’d Car,
To be married by Father Magar,

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