Mountain Wave


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Mountain Wave.

A bold brave crew and an ocean blue,
And a ship that loves the blast,
With a good wind piping merrily,
In the tall and gallant mast;
Ha! ha! my boys these are the joys
Of the noble and the brave,
Who love a life in the tempest strife
And a home on the mountain wave.

When the driving rain of the hurricane
Puts the light of the light-house out,
And the growling thunder sound is going,
On the whirlwinds battle rout;
Ha! ha! do you think that the valiant shrink!
No! no! we are bold and brave!
For we love to fight in the wild midnight,
With the storm on the mountain wave.

The breeze that dies where the greenwood sighs,
To the landsman sweet may be,
But give to the brave the broad backed wave,
In the tempest midnight glee;
Ha! ha! the blast, and the rocking mast
Are scenes that suit the brave,
The thunders jar on the seas afar,
And a home on the mountain wave.

The timbers creak, and the sea birds shriek,
There's lightning in the blast,
Hard to the leeward, mariners.
For the storm is gathering fast.
Ha! ha! to-night, boys, we must fight,
Our hearts are bold and brave,
Storms cannot scare the mariner,
As he rides on the mountain wave.

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