No. 3. Mrs. Cunningham's Darling Baby


JOHNSON, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. Tenth Street.

Mrs. Cunningham’s Darling Baby.

There lived in New York, in the days of old,
A buxom widow—so I am told,
Who claimed as her husband a man under ground,
And she for his money went “bobbing around.”

All sorts of plans did she devise,
To pull the wool over the people’s eyes,
Laid claim to the rocks, and hatched such a plan
As wouldn’t have done for a single man.

As the suit progressed, as sure as fate,
So sure her arguments gained in weight,
And the truth to tell the omens were
That soon there’d be another heir.

That moment was when the baby came,
To be heralded forth as a child of fame,
Eclipsing far the glory of others,
In that it was born the babe of two mothers.

Loud were the groans, and great the pain
In which the babe was born again,
’Twas a fearful noise, like the wind in a frolic,
But the doctors pronounced it only wind colic.

Now all ye ladies who hope for an heir,
Take warning, and take particular care
That the babe your hearts would wish to adore,
Had not been born more than TWICE before.

AUNER & JOHNSON, Song Publishers, 12 S. 8th St.

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