New Jers-A


JOHNSON, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. 10th St., Philadelphia.

New Jers-A.

Come, kind friends, all draw near,
The song that I’m about to sing, you every one should hear,
So give me your attention, to what I’m going to say,
I’ll sing you a new song about New Jers-A.

The things that I’m about to mention in my rhyme,
I’ll prove to you quite plainly, if you will give time,
So for all convicted prisoners, I beg you all to pray,
For they ne’er will get pardoned if in New Jers-A,

If you go to Jersey and ask them for their fruit,
The stingy old Spaniard will at you shoot,
And if you find an apple, you’ll have to run away,
For they’ll choke you for a cherry, up in New Jers-A.

The first thing I will mention, happened on the Delaware,
A steamboat was burnt, and many drowned there,
The guilty were arrested and allowed to walk away,
That’s the way they do things up in New Jers-A.

Another time at Burlington, you surely don’t forget,
The cars were running backwards, and by accident upset,
Old and young were killed there, but no one had to pay,
For they never hurt a Jerseyman in New Jers-A.

Over here in Camden, not many months ago,
A German went a gunning all through the ice and snow,
He accidently shot one, (Hatch,) they marched him straight away,
Twenty years to prison up in New Jers-A.

The latest thing that has occurred, caused many a tear,
I think it happened some time last year,
A man was murdered, so we heard say,
Way down at Freehold in New Jers-A.

A man was arrested at once for the deed.
And to a court of Justice they straight did him lead,
He was tried and convicted, on the scaffold he had to pay,
Yes, they strung up poor Donnelly in New Jers-A.

After hanging thirty minutes, he was cut down,
The sheriff on his body cast many a frown,
And he wanted to exhibit the corpse that day,
On the Court House steps at Freehold, in New Jers-A.

Here I would have you know to my country I am true,
But give to me the power I’ll tell you what I’d do,
Over to New Jersey I would go straight way,
And hang up all the Jerseymen in New Jers-A.

Now for a time my song it is done,
I hope in this rhyme I’ve not offended any one,
If I have, forgive me all I pray,
And I will say no more about New Jers-A.

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