New National Hymn


New National Hymn.

My native land I love,
Yet seek a home above,
Where Pilgrims rest.
Our country must be free,
From all impurities;
Till then we ne’er can be
Forever blest.

My native land I love,
For which my theme doth prove,
True as the sun;
This blessed land of ours,
Endow’d with sacred powers,
Amid the frequent bowers
Of Washington.

I love my native land,
On which true freemen stand,
Firm as a rock;
No traitor’s power can move
Their hearts from truth and love,
Firm may they ever prove,
Be God their prop.

The stars and stripes we see,
Waving o’er land and sea,
Our Country’s pride;
Still may this banner fly,
And wave toward the sky,
Till all on earth shall die,
May it abide.

The Flag of Washington,
O! may we never shun,
While time shall last;
Protect it near and far,
And fear no traitor’s war,
Let not a single star
Be dimly cast.

And in the fearful night,
May God protect the right,
And with them stand;
And arm our men with might,
To put our foes to flight,
Or turn them to the light,
And save our land.

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    Clark, A. B.
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    19.5 cm x 13.5 cm
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