Ne Plus Ultra


Ne Plus Ultra, or The Tiltareen!

When artless girls not out of their teens
Are parading the streets in their tiltareens,
They enter, perhaps, a dry goods store,
And brushing by some obstruction before,
The tilting-machines fly up behind,
And charms, ’till then, to the dark confined,
Are plumply exposed to the curious eye
Of Tom, Dick, or Harry, passing by,
Who can see, Dear Ladies, EVER SO HIGH!

Some men there may be who would not glance
At your garters unveiled by ART or by chance:
A few may modestly look away
From the tempting wares your hoops display:
Some may think but of HOSE—not what they
Of what is revealed—not what is concealed
As YET, from the vulgar glare of day;
But these are few and far between,
And many a look and jest obscene
Tilts up with a tilting tiltareen!

Could you see behind as well as before
You would wear a tiltareen no more—
You would blush at the thought of being SEEN
TOO MUCH from sporting a tiltareen!
We will not love you a whit the less
For hiding a bit of your loveliness,
So though they now are “all the rage”
With “schule marms” of a doubtful age,
Let yankees wear their own machines,
Leave—leave to them the tiltareens!

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