Oh Susannah


Oh Susannah.

I come from Alabama, with my banjo on my knee,
I'm gwine to Louisiana, my true lub for to see;
It rained all night de day I left, de wedder it was dry,
De sun so hot I froze to deff, Susannah don't you cry.

I'll soon be down in New Orleans, and den I'll run around,
And if I see Susannah. I'll fall upon de ground,
But if I do not see her, dis darkey'll surely die,
And when I'm dead and buried, Susannah don't you cry.

I jumped aboard de telegraph, and trabbled down de riber,
De 'Iectric fluid magnified, and killed four hundred nigger,
De bulgine bust, de hoss run off, I really tought to die,
I shut my eyes to hold my breff, Susannah don't you cry.

I had a dream de oder night, when ebery ting was still,
I tought I saw Susannah; a comin down de hill,
De buckwheat cake was in her mouf, de tear was in her eye,
Says I, I'm coining from de souf, Susannah don't you cry.

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