Old Bob Ridley!


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Old Bob Ridley!

Now white rolks I’ll sing you a ditty,
I'se from home but dat's no pity,
Oh, to praise myself it am a shame,
But Robert Ridley is my name.

Oh, white folks I hab cross'd de mountains,
How many miles I did'nt count 'em,
Oh, I'se left de folks at de old Plantation,
'An come down here for my education.

De first time dat I eber got a lickm,
'Was down at de forks ob de cotton pickin,
O, it made me dance, it made me tremble,
I golly it made my eye- balls jingle.

Philadelphia am a mighty fine city,
For beauty and location it ain't behind 'em,
Oh, de ladies all look so sweet and gidley,
Wonder dey don't fall in love wid old Bob Ridley,

Printed at Johnson’s, No. 5, North Tenth Street-. Philad.

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