Old Sir Toddy


Old Sir Toddy.

Come all ye who are fond of singing, let us set a song a ringing,
Sound the chorus strong and hearty, and we’ll make a jovial party.

Some love Rum, and some love Brandy, and some drink whate’er comes

But we’ll lump it in a body, and we’ll call it Old Sir Toddy.

He who drinks Cold Water only, ne’er will leave his fireside lonely;
But his home a happy place is, with its cleanly, smiling faces.

Toddy steals a man’s good feelings, he’s a rogue in all his dealings;
Smirks and smiles until he’s bound you, then, O cracky, how he’ll
pound you!

All who wish for homes to bless them, all who wish the girls to kiss them,
Hark! while soberness is o’er us, here’s the song, and this the chorus.

Then we used to all get Merry, drunk on Rum, or corned on Cherry:
Now we’ve a drink as sweet as honey, without price, and without money.

Rum it makes a botheration, deadens all the circulation,
Kills the soul, and kills the body, all is done by drinking toddy.

Satan saw his trade was failing, heard no more the widow’s wailing,
Sent his imps about us yelling, “Don’t stop! don’t stop! keep on selling.”

Now, my friends, come stop your drinking, health is gone, your fortune’s
Come, and own that you’re mistaken, sign the pledge, and save your

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