Our Country


H. DE MARSAN, Publish Songs, ballads, toy-books. 60 Chatham str. New-York.

Our Country.

Our Country! ‘Tis of thee we sing,
Our hopes around thee fondly cling,!
Thou hast been honored in the past,
And still may all thy greatness last.

Thy statesmen all we claim as thine,
Our patriot sires, with gifted mind,
Our heroes brave and scholars true
Alike proclaim a fame for you.

Let not a FATHER’S words be lost.
Our country severed, torn and tost;
Let not secession s Hydra head,
With all its ill, on thee be shed.

Shall Jackson's predict come at last,
When Webster from the stage has past,
Whose eyes beheld “the. setting sun”
Illume the land of Washington.

Where are our Henrys, Gates and Wayne,
Shall we now seek their like in vain?
Our Sumpters, Marions and Starks,
Our Prescotts, Irvings and Sparks.

Let not our country’s greatness fade,
Nor UNION in the dust be laid;
Let all unite in freedom’s band,
The heroes of a happy land.

Then will our country onward soar,
Nor stain a land with brother’s gore;
Her beacon lights will ever be
The signals of the brave, the free.

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