Our Own Flag of Green


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, [ILL] New-York.

Our own Flag of Green.

Soon, soon shall our Green Flag wave o'er us;
Soon, soon Shall we march to meet the foe;
How wilily we'll drive them before us,
And their false robber rule overthrow!
Then, the Standard of England shall be torn,
And no more, in our Island, shall be seen;
And our Green Triple Shamrock shall be worn,
And we'll march ‘neath our own Flag of Green!

The Banner that was borne before Brian,
Victorious upon Clontarf’s bloody plains,
Shall soon flutter o'er the vanquished Lion,
As then o'er the crestfallen Danes!
When the Eagle and our Shamrock are united,
Un wreathing our HARP shall be seen;
Then, the wrongs of our Land shall be righted,
And we'll march 'neath our own Flag of Green!

We, brave Irish Soldiers, are preparing
To march again proudly, o’er the sea:
The contest of Races endearing,
And the down-trodden Celt shall be Free!
If we bury divisions for ever,
And no more, in our Island, shall be seen:
Then our Green Trible shamrock shall be won:
We'll march 'neath our own Flag of Green!

Let Scotland maintain her keen Thistle,
And England support the proud Rose:
Old Ireland's content is the Shamrock;
It's the Emblem St. Patrick he chose:
For, in Moors, Mountains, Mosses,
And on the banks of the clear winding stream,
In Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter,
The Shamrock is always seen Green!

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