Our Ship of State


Printed by Johnson, 7 North Tenth Street.

Our Ship of State.

Two years ago or nearly so,
You voyaged home with me,
In pleasant rythmes we heard the chimes
Of ship bells on the sea.
We steamed along, a merry throng,
Our banner to the breeze,
Which gleamed afar, in strife and star,
Through home and foreign seas.

And every ship upon the deep,
Saw beaming the dark through
Of the lone night, the threefold light,
The Red, the white, the Blue,
Through eighty years of hopes and fears
Our flag has floated free,
And freedom’s bird was seen and heard
On every shore and sea.

From every shore our cannon’s roar
Came echoing back its thunder,
And our dread name in glowing fame
Was the world’s hope and wonder;
And despots saw with trembling awe
When Freedom’s host outwent,
To fill the whole from pole to pole,
Of our vast continent.

But now, alas! in gear we pass,
Along our native shore,
And through the night we show no light
Where erst our flag we bore.
We walk the deck and mark each speck
That rises in the sky,
And deem each star that gleams afar
The light of steamer nigh.

Along our course like a dark hearse
All silently we go,
And through the night we show no light
To guide an unseen foe.
What do we fear, what foe is near,
The British lion’s roar
Was never feared by freedom’s bird
Which erst our banner bore.

The Eagle’s glance which falls on France,
Is just as dread we know,
As that which falls on London’s hlls,
Or those of Mexico.
Why then, alas, in fear we pass
A brother’s hand we view
Stretched through the night now gleams our light,
The red, the white and blue.

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