Our Sweethearts at Home


Johnson, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. 10th St, Phila.

Our Sweethearts at home.

The rover goes forth from his home far away,
And roams o'er the wide world by night and by day,
Forsaking his home and the friends that are dear,
Though bidding "good bye" with a sigh and a tear,
The hope in his heart no vision can mar,
As he wanders away to some region afar;
Tho' bright be his journey, where'er he may roam,
He dreams with a sigh of his sweethearts at home.

The -soldier goes forth to the army afar,
And dares with a firm heart the perils of war;
He braves every danger, unconscious of fear,
Yet parting at first cannot keep back the tear:
For over the heart a sorrow will come,
As we part from our friends and the comforts of home;
He tries to forget, as he bids them adieu,
But parting is sad to the friends that are true.

The sailor goes out o'er the waters so wide,
And heeds not the dash of the deep ocean's tide;
He leaves the "sweet home" of his childhood a while,
And drives back the tear as he forces a smile:
He wanders away, but o'er his lone heart
Full many a dream of the future will start;
Tho' reckless and wild o'er the world he may roam,
He dreams, often dreams, of his sweethearts at home.

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