The Paupers


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The Pauprs.

Oh don't you remember the Paupers, Tom Brown?
The Paupers who ain't got no dough,
Who grin with delight whenever they meet,
For " treat" is the word, they well know;
At the corner tavern you know Tom Brown,
The Paupers delight all to loafe,
They'll drink with a friend or play for a drink,
Or take a good nap near the stove.

Oh don't yon remember our "King," Tom Brown?
Our “King” whose true subjects we are,
For often we've taken our toddies with him,
As we stood in a row at the bar;
Our King's run short of funds, Tom Brown,
To treat us now, he can't afford,
So we are compelled to live on the town,
For nobody pays for our board.

Oh don't you think it a shame, Tom Brown?
To get any work there's no show,
If times won't get better, I fear,
We'll all have to go, “down below,”
A better time's coming, they say, Tom Brown,
If it is so, I hope it is near,
For the Paupers complain, that times are so hard,
They can't get their pretzel or beer.

Twelve hours, twenty, have passed, Tom Brown,
I am not mistaken, I think,
At least I am sure, 'tis a very long while,
Since last I have taken a drink;
So here's to the Paupers good health, Tom Brown,
Come drink to our health while I sing,
But while we are drinking our own good health,
Don't let us forget our good King.

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