Ye Soldiers of Jesus Pray


Ye Soldiers of Jesus Pray.

Ye soldiers of Jesus pray stand to your arms,
Prepare for the battle, the gospel alarms,
The trumpets are sounding, come soldiers and
The standard and colors of sweet liberty.

Tho’ Satan’s black trumpet is sounding so
Take courage brave soldiers, his armies we
In the strength of King Jesus we dare him to
We’ll put his black armies of aliens to flight.

In the mount of salvation, in Christs’ armory,
Are swords, shields, and breast-plates, and
helmets for thee;
Be not faint-hearted though he roars like a
He’ll not stand before the bright armies of

To battle, to battle, the trumpets do sound,
The watchmen are crying fair Zion around;
The signal for vict’ry! hark! hark! from
the sky,
Shout, shout ye brave armies, the watchmen
all cry.

As the great Goliah, Appolyon shall fall;
With the sword of the Spirit we’ll conquer
them all;
We’ll leave no opposers alive in the field,
By the strength of Jehovah we’ll force them
to yield.

Thro’ Jesus, our wisdom, we’ll baftle his rage;
My heart beats for conquest, come soldiers
The trampets are sounding—the armies ap-
We’ll not leave one standing from front to
the rear.

King Jesus is riding the white horse before,
The watchmen close after, the trumpet doth
Some shouting, some singing, salvation they
In the strength of King Jesus all hell we de-

Fair Zion’s a shouting to her conquering
Salvation to Jesus, the armies do sing:
Apollyon we’ve conquer’d and sunk in the
O who can withstand the bright armies of

Behold all the armies are bow marching
God’s trumpet is sounding, and bids them to
All Zion’s fair [ILL] together do meet,
And lay down their armour at Jesus’s feet.

The angelic army with Zion combines;
In robes of bright glory eternally shines;
All shouting and singing on Cansan’s bright
Where wars and commotion can reach them
no more.

Cheer up, ye dear pilgrims, the time’s draw—
ing nigh,
When we shall meet bright Jesus’s host in
the sky,
Our friends and relations in Jesus so dear,
Both preachers and people shall then meet
us there.

We’ll join the bright harpers in authems di-
Whose crowns with bright diamonds the sun
do outshine;
To the praise of King Jesus we’ll tune our
harps then:
Salvation and glory to Jesus, Amen.

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