Poor Old Uncle Rube


Music published by Louis P. Goulland, Boston, Mass.

Poor Old uncle Rube.

Oh, when I was a little piccaninny,
I used to lub ole massa and missus, too,
Dey brought me all de way from ole Virginny,
And not much work dey ebber made me do;
But now I'm growing old, yes old, and feeble,
My hair is almost turning into grey;
When de leaves begin to brown upon de trees, yes!
‘Tis den ole Uncle Rube will pass away.

De Lord has gib me orders to be ready,
And I'll be on hand when Gabriel blows his horn,
I bress de Lord for keeping me so steady,
To meet Him up on high when I am gone;
For dey say dat heaben is a mighty kingdom,
Wid corn, and cotton-fields so bright and gay,
Where dere is no obersee'r, but one master,
And from dere, de darkies nebber runs away.

A. W. AUNER’S CARD JOB PRINTING ROOMS Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

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