Pop Goes the Weasel


J. H. Johnson, Song Publisher, Stationer &Printer. No. 7 N. Tenth St., 3 doors above Market, Phila.

Pop Goes the Weasel.

When de night walks in as black as a sheep,
And de hen and her eggs am fast asleep,
Den into her nest with a sarpent’s creep,
“Pop goes the weasel.”

Den form two lines as straight as a string,
Dance in an out, and three in ring,
Dive under like de duck, an sing,
“Pop goes the weasel.”

Oh all de dance dat eber was planned,
To galvanize de heel an hard
Dar’s none dat moves so gay an grand,
As “Pop goes the weasel.”

De Polka now pokes quite obsolete,
De waltz no more our time can beat,
De Schottische am shot by defeat,(de feet,)
Den “Pop goes the weasel.”

“De world and all de rest ob mankind,”
Am in dis “progress” step combined,
Kings, queens, and comets all are jined
In “Pop goes the Weasel,”.

De lover when he pants through fear,
To Pop de question to his dear,
He joins dis dance, and in her ear,
“Pop goes the weasel.”

Napoleaon, dat sly French coon,
Has built his nest high as de moon,

But he may catch de dance ‘fore soon,
Oh “Pop goes the weasel.”

Old Santa Ann’s beginning to slow
His cloven foot in Mexico,
But we’ll gib him de dance he once did know,
Ob “Pop goes de weasel.”

John Bull tells in de old cow’s hum,
How Uncle Sam used Uncle Tom,
While he makes some white slaves at home,
By “Pop goes the weasel.”

He talks about a friendly trip,
To Cuba in stream war ship,
But Uncle Sam may make him skip,
By “Pop goes the weasel.”

He’s sendin forth his iron hounds,
To bark us off de fishing grounds,
He’d best beware ob Freedom’s sounds,
Oh “Pop goes the weasel.”

The Temperance folks form souf to Maine
Against all liquor shout and strain,
But when dey feels an ugly pain,
Den “Pop goes the weasel.”

All New York in a rush now whirls,
Whar de World’s fair its flag unfurls,
But de best world’s fair am when our girls
Dance “Pop goes the weasel.”

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