Root Hog or Die


J.H. Johnson, Song Publisher, Stationer &Printer, No. 7 N. Tenth St. 3 doors above Market. Phila.

Root Hog or Die!! No. 2.

The greatest old Niggar that ever I did see.
Looked like a sick monkey up a sour apple tree,
It don’t make a bit of difference to either you or I,
Big pig, little pig, root hog or die.

I come from old Virginny with a pocket-full of news,
I am worth four shillings standing in my shoes,
Doesen’t make a bit of difference to either you or I,
Little pig, big pig, root hog or die

The Chestnut Street Niggers look so mighty grand,
Shanghi coats and gloves upon the hand,
A big standing collar, standing away up to the sky,
Little pig big pig, root hog or die.

These Chestnut Street gals look so mighty gay, [way.
With their hooped up skirts prominading both sides of the
Their bonnets on their shoulders, and their noses to the sky
They go it in the sun or shade—root hog or die.

J. H. JOHNSON, SONG PUBLISHER, Card and Job Printer, No.5 NORTH TENTH STREET, Three doors above Market, Philadelphia.

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