Root Hog or Die. No. 4


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Root hog or die. No. 4.

I am de greatest little darkey on de top ob de earth,
New York is my home, and de place ob my birth.
I do play upon de banjo, and dat I don’t deny,
I’m bound to be a sport, boys—root, hog, or die.

De shanghai coats and de stub-toed boots,
Tight-legged pants, and all such fancy suits,
Big Byron collars and mustaches to de eye,
Dat’s de way to sport, boys—root, hog, or die.

Now I’II tell you, one and all, dat I feel mighty proud,
When I have my banjo wid me, and gets into a crowd,
Dey do make a circle round me, and out dey do cry,
For to sing dis good old song, boys—root, hog, or die.

You may talk about your fiddles and the old tambo,
But they cannot be compared with the old banjo,
On it I’ll end my song, and I’m not ashamed to deny,
The title that I give it, boys, was—root, hog, or die.

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    Core, William H.
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