Sad News from Home


The Music of this song can be obtained at the store of George P. Reed, Boston. Extensive Music Publisher.

Sad news from home.

Sad news from home for me,
Friends gather there in gloom—
Friends who have joined in glee,
Oft, in that cottage home.
But oh, how that home is changed now,
No longer joyful hearts are there,
Within the tomb that aged brow,
That aged fathers free from care.

Lonely a mother weeps,
Breaking her heart in vain,
Mourning for him who who sleeps,
Ne’er to awake again.
And, oh, loved ones by her side,
So sadly gazing through each tear,
Without a father for their guide,
Can ne’er again feel happy here.

Far, far away I roam,
Far from my native land,
Oft will I sigh for home—
Sigh for each kindred hand.
Though I may ne’er again behold
The home and friends so dear to me.
There is a hoaven we are told,
Where all that’s good on earth shall be.

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