Since I've Been in the Army


J H. Johnson, Song Publisher, Stationer & Printer, No. 7 NTenth St., 3 doors above Market, Phila.


I’m Paddy Whack, from Bally-na-hack, not long ago turn’d soldier,
In grand attack, in storm or sack, none than I will be bolder;
Wid spirits gay, I march away, I plaize each fair beholder,
The ladies cry, as me they spy, “Och! what a lovely Soldier.”
In Londonderry, or London merry, ye ladies all, I’ll charm ye,
An’ down ye’ll come, whin I bate the drum, to see me in. the army.

The lots of girls, my train unfurls, would make a dacent party,
There’s Katty Lynch, a tidy wench, and Peg and Sue McCarty,
There’s Sally Maggs, and Judy Bagg and Martha Scraggs all storm me:
And Molly Magee, she’s after me, since l’ve been in the army.
The Kittys and Dollys, the Bridgets and Pollys, in numbers would alarm ye,
Even Mrs, White, that’s lost her sight, admires me in the army.

The roaring boys, that made a noise, and whack’d me like the divil,
And now become, before me dumb, or else they’re mighty civil,
There’s Murphy Rouke, that often broke my head, now dars’nt dare me,
But bows an’ scrapes, and off he sneaks, since I’ve been in the army.
An’ if one neglect, to pay me respect, another tips the blarney,
Wid whist, my friend, and don’t offend, a gintleman in the army.

My arms are bright, my heart is light, good humor seems to warm me,
I’m now become, wid every chum, a favorite in the army.
If I go on, as I’ve begun, my comrades all inform me,
They plainly see, that I shall be a Gineral in the army.
Delightful notion, to get promotion, ye ladies thin I’ll charm ye,
For its my belief, commander-in chief, I soon shall be in the army.

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