Skidmore Guard


Music of this song published byWm. A. Pond &Co , No. 547Broadway N. Y.Price, 40 Cents.

Skidmore guard.

We represent de privates
In de noble colored troops,
Who march about the streets of York
In French Imperial suits;
Black pantaloons and yellow hats,
Helmets trimmed with blue:
De wenches shout when we turn out
On South Fifth Avenue.

(Umph) talk about your Mulligan Band,
Des nigs dey can,t be beat:
We march to time, we cut a shine,
Oh! watch des darkies’ feet—
Do left foot first, de right foot follow,
De heel down mighty hard:
Ten platoons of dandy coons
March in de Skidmore Gu

Dars Mister Brown, de waiter man
In de Astor House hotel:
He,s sargeant in the second brigade
Division, Company L;
He,s six feet high, he carried the flag
So noble proud and gay,
He took de prize for marching out
On ,Mancipation

Dars adjutant general Tom Primrose,
And parson Simpson,s sons,
De envy of de yaller gals
Wid boqueta on dar guns;
Dey look just like a circus horse
When de hand,s a playing loud—
For elegant style and sweet hair ile
Dem darkies lead de crowd.

A. W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER & PRINTER, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

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