Smiles and Kind Words


J. Andrews, Printer, 38 Chatham St., N. Y.

Smiles and kind words.

When the heart is dejected, and pleasure is flown,
And passed the bright moments so fondly our own,
And Stilled is the music of nature and birds,
How sweet to the bosom are smiles and kind words!

The fond heart is breaking in burning despair—
While clothed in broad sackcloth are skies that were fair;
O, save, ere it perish, the sorrowful mind,
By smiles that are pleasant, and words that are kind.

I’ve been to the palace of the rich and the gay—
Where the syrens of pleasure chase sorrow away;
But never, O never, such joy have I seen,
As gush from the bosom where kind words have been.

A smile on the face, and kind words on the tongue.
Will serve you as passports, all nations among;
A heart that is cheerful, a spirit that’s free,
Will carry yon bravely o’er life’s stormy sea.

Talk not of fortune, talk not of fate—
We make our own troubles, however we prate!
This world would be honey where now it is gall,
Were we but contented and merry withal!

In the midst of our song, in the midst of our cheer,
We gratefully will our Creator revere;
And forever and aye, we’ll the grand secret prize,
That unless we are merry, we cannot be wise.

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