This Song for Sale


This Song For Sale

Dear friend, I cannot labor;
I’ll try to get along;
Although I cannot see to work,
I’ll try to sell this song.
I trust that you will buy it—
Oh, do not prove unkind,
And may the Lord preserve you
From ever being blind.

All true-hearted people,
Whoever you may be,
Do not refuse to pity
A poor blind man like me.
Fifteen long years I have been blind,
And now through the earth I go,
The beauties all around me,
Alas! I little know.

But you have your eyesight,
And you canont tell
When God will take it from you,
Who doeth all things well.
But I trust in His wisdom;
He never did design
That you through like should go
Like me forever blind.

God has for yon provided;
We all do feel His rod;
And yet we share the blessings
Of our Creator, God.
He gave us hearts to pit,
So pray, be not unkind;
I know you will assist me.
Because, you see, I’m blind.

You all see the smiling rivers,
The flowers and the trees,
How happy I would be, my friends,
To only gaze on these.
You view your brother’s labor
Upon the natural soil;
Oh, if I had my eyesight,
How I would like to toil!

If I could see the forms
Of friends I love so well,
The joys this poor heart would feel,
No human tongue could tell,
But there is a day when I can see,
When God will give me light;
When I shall meet my friends above,
Where the blind receive their sight.

In heaven above there’s always light
A light for you and me,
A blind man will have his sight,
The glorious sights to see.
For Jesus watches over all
In His eternal love,
In various ways, each day He takes
To guide us to Heaven above.

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