To Whom it May Concern


To all whom it may concern. no monopoly.

The members engaged in the House of the State,
Discussing all questions “for good” in each act,
Are the judges of matters both little and great.
For the good of the public, “and stamp it as fact.”

In the direst distress that Carolina ever knew,
The Lord, “in His providence,” scattered broadcast
In the beds of her rivers, rich Phosphates, not few,
Where each citizen hurried, for fear of being last.

To collect this great boon, in the hour of their need,
Jack, Tom and “His Honor,” as equals agreed,
That the State should be paid before justice was done,
As a fair compensation, one dollar per ton.

Now the Bills are before you, and close is the race,
And you are the umpires to sift up each case;
If you favor one class, you hash up a dish
To be eaten at leisure, “a batch of small fish.”

The Monopoly cry is afloat in the sky,
O’er the Phosphate which lie ’neath our waters so bold,
The Coosaw is “the oldest,” but by no means the boldest,
The Roach bill “the coldest”, by four or five fold.

Now, we “Phosphate diggers,” do n’t claim to be priggers,
Though a number are niggers, “who complain of our wrongs:”
Who in right ask a charter, which we hope you won’t barter
Away to the Master who can wield a “gold tongs.”

Signed by three hundred Phosphate diggers, by petition to the Legislature of South Carolina.

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