To My Wife


To My Wife.

Oh, gentle heart, that with confiding love
Came with abiding confidence to me;
When my own heart turned from a false, cold world,
And sought its rest, by sweet repose in thee.
(Verses II and III omitted at her request.)

Our troubles o'er; all clouds have passed away;
Our sky again, in calm serenity, is bright;
Sweet music fills the air; the gladsome day
Whispers of love unto the peaceful night.

Life's setting sun spreads over all the heavens
A radiance bright; the voice of God, benign,
Bids kindly welcome to a heavenly home,
Where peace forever reigns, with love divine.

Listen, my Love! The angels' songs are heard!
Wrap close faith's mantle' round thy shrinking form;
And hand in hand, together, at the word
Of our dear Lord, we'll join the ransomed throng.
Your Husband.

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