Uncle Sam's Farm


Uncle sam’s farm.

Of all the mighty Nations in the East or in the West,
Oh, this glorious Yankee nation is the greatest and the best,
We have room for all creation, and our banner is unfurled,
Here’s a general invitation to the people of the world.

St. Lawrence marks our Northern line, so fast her waters flow,
And the Rio Grande our Southern bound way down to Mexico,
From the great Atlantic Ocean where the sun begins to dawn,
Leaps across the Rocky Mountains, away to Oregon.

The South may raise the cotton, and the West the corn and park,
New England manufactories shall do up the finer work,
For the deep and flowing waterfalls that course along our hills,
Are just the thing for washing sheep, and driving cotton mills.

Our fathers gave us liberty, and little did they dream,
The grand, results that flow along this mighty age of steam,
Fur our mountains, lakes and rivers are all a blaze of fire,
And we send our news by lightning on telegraphic wire.

Yes, we are bound to beat the nations, for our motto’s go-head,
Ahd we’ll tell the foreign paupers that our people are well fed.
For the nations must remember, that Uncle Sam is not a fool,
For the people do the voting, and the children go to school.

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