The War in Europe


H. DE MARSAN, Successor to J. ANDREWS, Publisher, dealer in songs and Toy-Books. Paper Dolls &c., 38 Chatham Street, N. Y.

The War In Europe.

From Europe the news did take us by surprise;
For Freedom the war we've no doubt did arise;
But Austria found out she could not go the whole,
Now Italy's planted her liberty

When Louis Napoleon from France did depart.
He solemny swore he was true to his heart
For Freedom to fight and for Italy's sake;
And his oath for a second time may he not brake.

King Victor Emanuel and Louis the Third,
Their war proclamations you doubtless have heard
The French did determine they would make a budge,
AS we know that they do yet owe Austria a grudge.

The soldiers of Italy, also the French
Keep routing the Austrians out of their trench
So young Francis Joseph will yet have to flee,
And Italy will then declare herself free.

The battles now fought, have killed thousands of men,
And the sword there, I guess, was as strong as the pen
For, hardships that Italy doth now contend
May through all the world Independence extend.

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