Written and Sold for the Benefit of Matthias Lopez


Written And Sold For The Benefit Of Matthias Lopez Aged 70 Years,

May God the Great Creator,
With wisdom me provide,
Guide and direct my pencil,
These few lines to inscribe;
About this aged Gentleman
Of which I now do write,
His hard fare and his sufferings
Which he bears day and night.

Once he was a hard worker.
Beloved by all around,
But age and sickness seized him,
And brought his courage down;
From the Cape DeVerde Islands
He to New London came,
In a Whale Ship he came over,
MATTHIAS LOPEZ is his name.

His age it now is Seventy,
Evil he doth abhor,
His Goods and all his Property,
He lost in the late War;
And in this northern climate
Thirty-six years he's been,
Beloved by everybody,
The White and Colored men.

Now to obtain a living,
He's trying every way,
Keeps boarders, but his tenement
Is to be sold they say;
He wants to put him up a house,
A home for to obtain,
And now before the people
His present case is lain.

And now Kind Gent and Lady,
Assistance pray bestow,
And you will be rewarded.
The Bible tells you so;
What e'er you please to give to him
Thankful for it he'll be,
T' will help him much to get a home,
And God will sure bless thee.

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