Written on the Occasion of the President's Veto of the Inflation Bill


Written On The Occasion Of The President’s Veto Of The Inflation Bill

Our President is lucky,
Our President is plucky,
Our President has vetoed the bill;
Now Carpenter and Morton,
And proud old John A. Logan,
Will know that Ulysses has a will.
Oh, Ulysses you’re a riddle,
For not one jot or tittle
Of what you intended has been known.
For even our dear Ferry,
God make him somewhat merry—
Has not given in “advance” a single groan.
Ulysses you’re a wonder,
You are a son of thunder,
You came down like a wolf upon the fold;
You have done a deed of daring—
But your enemies are pouring,
And the mischief they intend, you can’t be told.
They are standing side by side, sir,
In all their rage and pride, sir,
While you, the brave old hero, stand alone.

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