The Flag with the Thirty-Four Stars


Published by Chas. Magnus 12, Frankfort, St., N.Y

The. Flag With the Thirty- Four Stars.

The Rebels sing the "Bonnie Blue Flag,"
But we the "Stripes and Stars,"
Our Union flag we love so true,
Will conquer their stars and bars,
Their secesh airs, their Maryland,
Their contrabands of war.
Our cause is right; the flag for the fight.
Is the one with the thirty-four stars.

Our song is for the Union,
And triumph sure we must.
The cause so just will prosper,
When in God we place our trust;
Our flag, our pride victorious,
Behold it near and far;
We hear aloft Red, White and Blue,
With every stripe and star.

Protection we extend to all,
The exile finds a home,
In our Columbia—Glorious land!
The stranger welcome come;

They with us heart and hand unite,
To crush the rebel war;
And fight for our Red. White and Blue,
With every stripe and star.

Hurrah! for our brave army,
And for our navy too,
Whose vict'ries crown our good old flag,
Our own Red, White and Blue;
The wounded heroes, noble, brave,
Who each can show a scar,
Poured out their blood this flag to save,
With every stripe and star.

All honor to the men who fight,
Tears for the noble dead;
Our country mourns her soldiers brave,
Whose blood for us was shed;
And every patriot volunteer.
Enlisted for the war—
God bless them! Battling for our flag,
With every stripe and star.

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