No News for Me


No News For Me.

No News for me—No news for me!
I wonder where can Johnny be!
He told me he would surely write—
I fear he must have fall'n in fight!
For oh! his heart is true and kind.
He loves the girl he left behind!
But lonely still my heart must be—
Because there is no news for me.—

My little cot looks drear and lone
Since Johnny to the wars has gone:––
The brook, which sang so sweet a tune,
Now murmurs sadly to the moon;
And all day long I idly sit,
Or by my silent hearth knit;
And tear-drops down my cheeks fall free,
Because there is no news for me!

Yet Johnny—I'll not have yon back—
For oh! you follow Honor's track—
I know you love me well, but then
Our Country needs all loyal men!
But oh! the anxious hearts at home
For lov'd ones, who far distant roam!
And weary still my heart must he,
Because there is no news for me.

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  • Item ID
  • DCMI Type
    Still Image
  • Title
  • Creator
    Dix, John Ross, 1800?-1865
  • Illustrated
  • Extent
    20.5 cm x 12.5 cm
  • Genre
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