Mother Would Comfort Me


Published by Chas Magnus, 12, Frankfort St. N.Y

Mother Would Comport Me.

Wounded an sorrowful, far from my home,
Sick among strangers, uncared for, unknown
Even the birds, that used sweetly to sing,
Are silent, and swiftly hare taken the wing;
No one but mother can cheer me to-day,
No one for me could so fervently pray
None-to console me, no kind friends near,
Mother would comfort me if she were here.

If she were with me I soon would forget
My pain and my sorrow no more would I fret;
One kiss from her lips, or one look from her eye,
Would make me contented and willing to die.
Gentry her hand o'er my for head she'd press;
Trying to free me from pain and distress;
Kindly she'd say to me, "Be of good cheer.
Mother will comfort you, mother is here!"

Cheerfully, faithfully, mother would stay
Always beside me, by night and by day;
If I should murmur, and wish to complain
Her gentle voice would soon calm me again.
Sweetly a mother's lore shines like a star,
Brightest in darkness when daylight’s! afar
In clouds or in sunshine, pleasure or pain,
Mother's affection is ever the same.

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