Larry Magee's Wedding


Larry Magee’s Wedding.

Pay attention a while, and I'll sing yon a ditty,
About the grand wedding of Larry Magee,
Who dwelt in a fashionable part of the city,
An illigant fine mansion in Avenue D,
And the great time we had at the wedding,
Where whiskey and fun, flew around so free,
And dancing and singing, set the room ringing,
At the grand wedding of Larry Magee,

There was Con Donohoe with his old fiddle,
McGinnis, the fishman, and Jerry McShane—
O'Brien, O'Calligan, and Timothy Widdle,
Who brougt to the weddin' his bran new Corjane.
With big Andy Fagan, the great whiskey drinker,
Barney Fitzgibbons, and Dennis Farlee:
McClusky, the butcher, and old Doyle, the tinker,
Were all at the wedding of Larry Magee;

The guests of both sexes all ate very hearty,
And cramed themselves Up to the very windpipe;
When an accident happened to Molly McCarty,
She half chocked herself with a large piece of trip—
If you were to see Rilley sail into the mutton.
White all of the ladies did titter with glee;
He fasted two days, the dirty ould glutton.
To make room for the supper of Larry Magee.

When the supper was over, the corjane and fiddle.
Struck up the grand Weddin' of Bally poreen:
Then the Bride made a call upon Timoty Widdle,
Who sang “the night Larry was stretched on the green,"
McGinnis, the fishman, sang the “Croppy Boy” gaily
And Tim Hooligan. gave us the “Boys of Tralee”
While Miss Kitty Baily, sang the “Sprig of Shclalah,”
At the grand weddin’ of Larry Magee.

We danced and sung for two hours add a quarter,
And we drank whiskey until we were sick:
When big Andy Fagan swore the whiskey was water.
And Flaherty leveled him out with a Stick:
The woman they roared mil blue murder and blazes,
Roach broke the old fiddle on the back of Farlee :
Doyle seized.a dumplin. (God bless us and save us,)
Which he flung at the head of Larry Magee.

Larry saw that his friends were full of the liquor,
And knew very well to some harm ‘twould come :
So he told them ’twas twelve o’clock by the ticker,
And to take a good bumper before starting home!
They filled uy their glasses to the toast of Pat Daily,
Who hoped before long, a young Larry to see;
While the bride neat and gaily. smiled so gentaly,
And so ended the wedding of Larry Magee.

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