I'd Choose to be a Baby


I'd Choose To Be A Baby.

I'd choose to he a baby,
A darling little flower,
Without a care or sorrow
As I was in childhood's hour.
When ladies, Heaven bless them!
They'd kiss me. and they'd vow
That they could almost eat me—
Why don't they do it now?

When I used to be a baby.
They'd to my cradle creep,
They'd kiss and hug and cuddle me
Till fell off to sleep.
Yes, They'd kiss and squeeze me too
Till I felt any how,
They'd even wash and dress me—
Why don't they do it now?

For pleased they were to nurse me,
They would take me on their lap
And would stuff my little belly full
Of lollypop and pap.
They would chew me tops. and bottoms,
And, if I made a row,
They'd press ma to their bosoms—
Why don't they do it now?

When the ladies used to love me,
They would make me such nice clothes,
They would make me nice morocco shoes,
And wipe my little nose.
And when the shade of evening came,
And sleep came o'er my brow,
They said: it's time to go to bed—
But they never say so now.

I'd choose to be a baby,
A pretty little flower,
A play-thing for the ladies..
No care in childhood's hour.
The ladies they would pet me,
And pat me on the brow,
And say I was a beauty—
Why don't they say it now?

The girl's would kiss and hug me,
Saying: That's a dear, don't cry:
And fondly lull me fast asleep,
And sing sweet lullaby.
How they did press and cuddle me,
Till I felt any how,
Undress and put me off to bed!..
I wish they'd do it now

How they did like to pet me,
And take me on their; lap,
Then fill my little belly
With lollypops and pap!
They’d smother me with kisses,
And dress me fine somehow,
And let me do what’er I liked—
I wish they'd do it now!

Oh! when I was a baby.
They'd walk me out serene,
They'd powder me and wash me.
And keep me nice and clean;
They'd praise my little figure,
And kiss me on the brow,
And wish they had one like me—
Why don't they do it now?

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