Pretty Sally


Published by Ch. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Pretty Sally.

Tis o’er the mountains far away
I’ve left my heart I fear.
Where e’er I go I think of thee.
My Pretty Sally dear;
For when the night’s dark shadows come,
And all the live long day,
I think of thee, and sigh that I
Am now so far away.

Afar from thee, my Sally dear.
Away from all I prize—
I miss thy voice, thy words of cheer—
The smile of thy bright eyes.
For near thee I would rather stay.
Tho’ with the free and brave;
But ah? my country call’d me love.
Thy home, and mine to save.

But when the war is over love,
And peace anew shall reign,
I hope to meet the as of old,
And share thy smiles again;
For bright shall be our wedding day,
W And Joy shall fill the heart
he I am thine and thou art mine.
No more on earth to part,

Music Published by WINNER & Co., 933 Spring Garden St., Philadephia.

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