General Grant's Boys


Published Ch: Magnus 12 Frankfort St., N Y

Richmond. General Grant’s Boys.

Ye Copperheads and traitors to you these lines we write,
Our soldiers they will take a part in the next November fight,
You thought to rob us of our votes and give to us no chance,
But if you wish to show your pluck just come to U.S. Grant.

He’ll give you all a ballot box and let you try the land,
That you profess to love so much with Jeff and all his band,
The Rebs they wish to see their friends and take them by the hand,
So try your luck if you get stuck as Rebs from Yankee land.

You say our boys are blessed fools for fighting as they do,
That they only fight to get the grub and Greenbacks when they’re
Now if you wish to share our tack gray backs and minnies too,
Why take your gun and come along and show that you are true.

Our boys in front of Richmond will drive old Jeff from town,
And cast their votes for Lincoln and put Rebellion down,
Their shouts for Abe and freedom will be joined by thousands there,
When they reach the Gates of Libby where starving heroes are.

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