The Drummer of Antietam


Published by chas Magnus, Advance Guard Cavalry – near Alexandria, Va. 12 Frankfort St NY

The Drummer Of Antietam,

The drummer of Antietam,
lays dead and alone;
Upon the cold battle field,
Where his blood hath flown
No friends mourn around him,
No comrades are near.
To lament his early fate,
Or o'er him shed a tear.

Now the moon faintly beams,
On the spot where he lays;
Making his features more ghastly,
With its misty rays; While hundreds sleep near him,
In deaths icy chain; Who've fought their last battle,
Who'll ne'er wake again.

And thus are the bravest,
Cut off in their bloom,
And manhoods hopes crushed
In the cold tomb; But they shall be cherished,
In this hearts of the free, As true martyrs of justice,
And sweet Liberty.

500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York Branch Office: No.520 7th St. Washington, D. 0.

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