The Volunteer


Published by chas magnus, 12 frankfort st, N.Y.

The Volunteer.

Adieu to peace and all its charms,
Our Country calls to arms, to arms,
It bids us meet the Rebels Sons,
Upon the plains of Washington.

Til now our beggar is unfurled,
The pride and wonder of the world,
What foreman thinks his home so dear,
As not to be a Volunteer.

Adieu our mountain homes, adieu,
Adieu our wives and children too,
Adieu to all we hold most dear,
Our Country bids to Volunteer.

Adieu to thee my only one,
O, think of me when I am gone,
And when I’m on the battle-field,
I’ll think of thee and never yield.

And when worn out with fatigue and toil,
I’ll sink upon the Southern soil,
The thoughts of home and friends will cheer,
Each drooping dying Volunteer.

Adieu my Country now adieu,
I have fulfilled my first to you,
Adieu, my Country calls, adieu,
I will lay my life for you.

Adieu my brothers and sisters too
‘Tis now I take my leave of you,
And if I’m spared till the war is o’er,
I will return to you once more.

Adieu our wives and sweethearts too,
Farewell, farewell we say to you,
And when the trumpet loud shall sound,
We all with Jesus shall be found.

500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York Branch Office: No. 520 7th St., Washington, D. C.

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