O, Carry Me Home


Published by Cha Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y

O, Carry Me Home.

O, carry me back to my Childhood’s home,
Where the ocean surges roar,
Where its billows dash on a rock bound coast,
And moan for evermore,
I’m pining away in a stranger’s land,
Beneath a stranger’s eye.

I sigh in vain for my native hills,
Their sweet and balmy air,
Would waft away from my youthful brow
Each trace of gloomy care,
I sigh to breathe the air at home,
To gaze on it’s starry sky.

I long to see my mother again,
And hear her sweetly say,
Come my son is here thy home?
Then fold thy wings and stay.
“Twould ease my pain to hear her voice,
When death had darkened my eye.

Then let me rest in a peaceful grave,
Beside the loved and dead,
For the quite earth is the only place
To rest my weary head,
I would sweetly sleep if you buried me here,
Beneath the northern sky.

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