Want-A Substitute


Want-a substitute.

Wanted a Substitute!
Show me the man
That will buc-kle on his ar-mor
And fight for Un-cle Sam!
He must have an arm of power,
And a heart of cour-age too,
He must love his native country;
And the Red. the White and Blue!

Want-ed-a Sub-stitute!
Show me the man
That will buckle on his ar-mor
And fight for Un-cle Sam!

Want-ed-a Sub-stitute!
Three hun-dred I’ll pay!
If you know of one that wants it,
Just send him ‘long this way!
What glory he’ll in her-it
When rebellion is put down;
No great-er march of mer-it
Could any mor-tal crown!

Want-ed-a Sub-sti-tute!
None need ap-ply
Unless he’s sound from head to foot:
With per-fect teeth and eye.
Now, such a one is want-ed,
Then who will go for me,
To fight his coun-try’s bat-tles.
In the land of dix-I-e.

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    Still Image
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  • Creator
    Holt, George P.
  • Illustrated
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    20 cm x 13 cm
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