Brave Little Mac


Published by Chs. Magnus 12 Frankfort St. New York.

Brave Little Mac

George B. McClellan, I hear is coming back,
They cannot do at all they say, without our little “Mac,”
They think of Antietam, and the battles he has won,
He am de country’s bravest man, the second Washington.

Burnside is good, and so is Hooker too,
But “Little Mac” will ne’er turn back, until he puts them through;
The devil take the hindmost, for he is sure to win;
He is the one, you’ll see some fun, when once he pitches in.

George B. McClellan, for us must win the day,
I well do know from rebel foe he ne’er will run away;
The battle shock, can’t frighten Mac, he fights for Uncle Sam,
And for the traitors to our flag, he does not care a damn.

500 Illustrated Ballads lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York.

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