I Dreamed My Boy Was Home Again


Ten illustrated Songs on Notepaper, mailed to any Address on receipt of 50cts. Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N. Y.

I Dreamed my Boy was Home Again.

Lonely, weary, broken-hearted,
As I laid me down to sleep.
Thinking of the day we parted,
When you told me not to weep,
Soon I dreamed that peaceful Angels
Hovered o’er the battle-plain,
Singing songs of joy and gladness,
And my boy was home again.

Tears were changed to loud rejoicings,
Night was turned to endless day.
Lovely birds were sweetly singing,
Flowers bloomed in light array.
Old and young seemed light and cheerful,
Peace seemed everywhere to reign,
My poor heart forgot its sorrow;
For, my boy was home again!

But the dream is past, and with it
All my happiness is gone;
Cheerful thoughts of joy have vanished,
I must still in sorrow mourn,
Soon may peace, with all its blessings,
Our unhappy land reclaim;
Then my tears will cease their flowing,
And my boy be home again!

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