The Boys of Uncle Samu'l


500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York. Branch Office. No. 520 7th St., Washington, D. C.


How are you all? Say, am you well?
I’m here, and that’s no pity;
I work for Uncle Sam-u el,
And guess I’ll sing a ditty.
I’ve marched some miles beneath his flag,
And guess that I stood by it;
Like Uncle’s boys, I never lag,
And wouldn’t even try it.
O Uncle Sam, the boys of Uncle Samu’l!
O Uncle Sam, the boy’s of Uncle Samu’l!

We are a jolly set of boys,
In camp or in the field, sirs;
No care or sorrow us annoys,
We’ll die, but never yield, sirs.
Down’pon the foe we come like bricks,
We do, in great communion:
We’ve hearts like those of Seventy-Six,
And won’t give up our Union.
O Uncle Sam, &c.

I s’pose you’ve read in history some,
How we flogged the British
When their big armies here did come,
In hopes to make us skittish
Columbia’s sons then thougt it fun,
And larnt them all a lesson,
Led on by General Washington,
We gave the foe a dressin’.
O Uncle Sam, &c.

Then in a few years after that,
The same foe came again, sirs,
But General Jackson soon went at,
And paid them for their pains, sirs;
We’d but a wooden navy then.
Yet whipped them ‘pon the deep, sirs;
And now we’ve iron-clads, and men
Who will its honor keep, sirs.
O Uncle Sam, &c.

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