Columbia's Hardy Seamen


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Columbia’s Hardy Seamen.

GAYLY, lads, our friends we’re leaving.
Honor calls us to the main.
Sweethearts! what s the use of grieving?
We but part to meet again.

Soon avenged our country’s quarrels,
What delicious joys we’ll prove;
Sweet reposing, crowned with laurels.
In the arms of those we love.

Love of country, love of glory,
From our mother’s breast we drew;
Our forefathers, famed in story.
Gave the bright example, too.

Arm our floating towers of timber,
Our Union bids each pulse beat higher:
Show the world our joints are limber,
Nerves of steel and souls of fire,

Haste, then, seize each plundering corsair.
Where the waves insulted roll;
Trade protect in every quarter,
From the tropic to the po’e.

Never fearing foes of weather,
Union being still our boast;
Free we’ll live, or die together,
“Union!” boys, in bumper’s toast.

500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York.

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