Brother, Tell Me of the Battle


Published by Chas. Magnus. 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Brother, Tell me of the Battle.

Brother, tell me of the battle,
How the soldiers fought and fell—
Tell me of the weary marches,
She who loves will listen well.
Brother, draw thee close beside me,
Lay your head upon my breast,
While you’re telling of the battle,
Let your fevered forehead rest.

Brother, tell me of the battle,
For they said your life was o’er.
They all told me you had fallen,
That I’d never see you more;
Oh, I’ve been so sad and lonely,
Filled, my breast has been, with pain,
Since they said my dearest brother
I should never see again.

Brother, tell me of the battle,
I can bear to hear it now,—
Lay your head upon my bosom,
Let me soothe your fevere! brow
Tell me, are you badly wounded?
Did we win the deadly fight?
Did the victory crown our banner?
Dit you put the foe to flight?

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