Young Eph's Lament


Published by Chas. Magnus. 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

Young eph’s Lament.

Oh, where will I go if dis war breaks de country up,
And de dar keys hab to scat-ter a-round,
Dis bob-o-li-tion, man-ci-pa-tion and se-ses-sion
Am a gwine to run de nig-ger in de ground!….
De bob-o-li-tion here, de se-ses-sion dare,
And neather one nor t’oth-er of ‘em’s right,
But one says dis, de od-er says dat,
And dey both get de coun-try in a fight,
But what can a poor nig-ger do?

Now what is de use ob dis gan-gu-lat-ing fighting?
Both-er-a tion to de coun-try so for-lorn?….
Why don’-t dey tend to buss-ness making boats and building rail-roads
While de nig-gers raise de cot-ton and de corn,
But Mas-sa chu-setts dare and South Car-o-li-na here,
Dis-turb dis hap-py Un-ion wid de growl,
One says dey shall, de od-er says dey shan’t,
And Un-cle Sam has got to stand it all,
But what can a poor nig-ger do?

Oh, I wish dat de white folks of dis great con-fed-era-tion,
Would on-ly quit dar quar-rells and dar fight,
And stop dar can-non-ad-ing, march-ing, shoot-ing and bom-bard-ing
And be wil-ling for to use each od-er right.
For it’s ver-y plain to see dat de end would be,
Dat dey’d know each od-er bet-ter dan before,
And dey’d made up dar minds, dat in all fu-ture times,
Dey would not go and do it a-ny more,
And dat’s what I want dem for to do.

What a deuc’d shame it is dis se-ses-sion rev-o-lu-tion,
Am a use-ing up de buss-ness ob de land!
While trade an na-vi-ga-tion, mer-chan-diz-ing spec-u-la-tion
Hab ver-y near-ly come to a stand!
De crops wan’t be grow’d, de meadows wo’nt be mow’d,
Kase dar’s no-bu-dy left for to tend ‘em,
Dar’s a scar-ci-ty it seems, ob cab-bage, peas an’ beans,
Kase dar’s no-bu-dy home for too send ‘em.
Den what’s a hungry nig-ger gwine to do?

500 Illustrated Ballads, lithographed and printed by CHARLES MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Street, New York.

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